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U kunt Melissa ook boeken voor een feest, trouwerij of uitvaart via +31683211071 of info@melissavenema.nl.

Melissa maakt dan met u een persoonlijke prijsafspraak.


U kunt Melissa ook uitnodigen als soliste op uw concertavonden van Harmonie,Fanfare Brassband en (jeugd) Symfonie orkest, of Kooruitvoering.

Tevens kunt u Melissa ook uitnodigen voor het geven van een masterclass, of het geven van trompetlessen.



12th April 1995             

Melissa Venema comes into the world at 12.45 pm in Alkmaar (Netherlands).


September 2003          

Aged 8, she discovers her love of the trumpet.


January 2005              

Melissa plays in various orchestras and gives her first performances in churches.


October 2005              

The 10-year-old Melissa wins 1st place in the “Scholierentournooi” competition, even though entry is normally reserved for those aged 12 and over.


November 2005           

Melissa wins 1st place in the “Carla Leurs” competition.


December 2005           

Aged 10, Melissa plays at the “Conservatorium van Amsterdam” music academy and passes the entrance exam.


12th January 2006        

The 11-year-old Melissa releases her first album, "Melissa voor U".


22nd April 2006            

Melissa is taught by Frits Damrow (soloist trumpeter for the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra) at the “Conservatorium van Amsterdam”.


September 2006          

Melissa begins her studies. The conservatory’s “Sweelinck Academy”, geared towards young talents, allows Melissa to complete her normal schooling in tandem with her classical music training.


June 2006                   

Melissa takes part in the “World Music Contest”: 6th place overall, and 3rd place in the brass instrument category.


April 2007                   

At the age of 12, Melissa wins 1st place in the Dutch “HaFaBra Concours”. She is also judged by the jury in the “21 and over” category and there wins 3rd place.


18th August 2007         

Melissa's “Prinsengracht Concert” is broadcast live on Dutch television, which brings her to the attention of André Rieu.


31st August 2007 to 12th September 2007        

Melissa goes on a solo tour of South Africa and plays 8 sold-out concerts.


November 2007           

Melissa receives a custom-made, hand-crafted Yamaha trumpet.



17th February 2008      

Melissa is awarded the sponsorship prize of the “Prinses Christina” competition.


June 2008                   

Melissa wins 1st prize at the national music competition “Stichting Jong Muziektalent Nederland”.


27th & 28th June 2008

Melissa gives a solo performance with André Rieu and his Johann Strauß Orchestra at the Amsterdam Arena.


4th to 6th July 2008       

Melissa plays in Maastricht with André Rieu and his Johann Strauß Orchestra.


8th November 2008      

Melissa comes in 2nd place at “Stichting Jong Muziektalent Nederland”.


28th November 2008    

Release of the André Rieu DVD “Live in Maastricht 2”, which contains Melissa’s performance of “Il Silenzio”.


19th and 20th December 2008   

Melissa plays in Arnhem with André Rieu and his Johann Strauß Orchestra.


22nd and 23rd December 2008  

Melissa plays at 2 André Rieu concerts at the Arena in Hasselt (Belgium).


8th March 2009            

Melissa wins 1st prize at the “Prinses Christina” competition, as well as the audience prize, the sponsorship prize, and the finale prize.


11th March 2009           

Melissa plays live in front of Her Majesty Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.


April 2009                   

Melissa is once more awarded the sponsorship prize of the “Prinses Christina” competition.


7th June 2009              

Melissa passes the “Young Talent Class” exam of the “Amsterdam Conservatory” cum laude. This corresponds to the highest distinction in the German system, the “summa cum laude”, and is awarded very rarely (< 5 %).


22nd July 2009 to 3rd August 2009        

Melissa once more goes on a solo tour of South Africa and plays 5 sold-out concerts.


19th August 2009         

Release of her second album CD, “Melissa in Concert”.


28th to 30th August 2009                      

Melissa plays at three further concerts with André Rieu and his Johann-Strauß Orchestra in the Dutch town of Heerenveen.


20th March 2010           

Melissa wins 3rd place overall and 1st place in the trumpet section of the “International Chicago Brass Festival” in the USA. At 14, she is by far the youngest participant. All other participants are at least 20 years older.


5th June 2010              

Melissa wins the sponsorship prize of the municipality of Zaanstad (Netherlands).


17th June 2010            

Release of her third album CD, “From the Heart”.


27th June 2010             

Melissa gives a solo performance at the famous Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, near Los Angeles. Her concert is broadcast on television throughout America and 70 other countries.


7th October 2010         

Melissa becomes a Dutch ambassador for “Children in Need”.


17th November 2010    

Melissa once more performs in front of Her Majesty Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.


20th November 2010    

Melissa is introduced to German audiences by her mentor Till Brönner on the ZDF channel’s “Willkommen bei Carmen Nebel” TV show.


January 2011                          

Melissa's rendition of Nini Rosso’s “Il Silenzio” is watched over 2 million times on YouTube.


13th February 2011      

Melissa’s performance of “À toi la gloire” (George Frideric Handel) enters the “Netherlands iTunes Top 100 World Songs” chart at number 14.


July to August 2011    

In order to improve her German skills, Melissa attends the Goethe Institute in Amsterdam for 2 months.


21st August 2011         

Melissa plays with the Dutch "Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra" – one of the major symphony orchestras in the world – on “Grachtenfestival 2011” in Amsterdam.


21st October 2011        

Before the boxing match Susi Kentikian (Germany) against Teerapora Pannimit (Thailand) Melissa plays the two national anthems live on TV (SPORT1).


29. Oktober 2011 to 26. November 2011          

Melissa is on tour with the English superstar & 'Britain's Got Talent" winner Paul Potts (13 concerts in Germany).


20th July 2011             

Melissa's rendition of Nini Rosso’s “Il Silenzio” is watched over 4 million times on YouTube.


1st January 2012          

After five years the internationally acclaimed classical music show “Raymond Gubbay's Classical Spectacular” returns to Germany. One of the surprise guests is Melissa.


28th January 2012        

Melissa wins the international contest "Concours International des RIC 2012" in Belgium.


19th March 2012          

Melissa's rendition of Nini Rosso’s “Il Silenzio” is watched over 5 million times on YouTube.


7th September 2012                 

Re-release of Melissa`s 3rd album CD “From the Heart”


7th September 2012                 

Release of her fourth album CD „The Trumpet Is My Voice“.


22th November to 25th November 2012

Six solo performances in the Royal Albert Hall in London with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra during the “Classical Spectacular”.




7th December to 9th December 2012    

3 solo performances in the “Jaarbeurs Hall” in Utrecht with the Metropole Orchestra during the “Max Proms”.


31th March 2013

Melissa played in Carré Amsterdam Il Silenzio with the Metropole Orchestra.


15th June 2013

Melissa played, accompanied by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, as soloist at the Hampton Court Palace Festival, near London. She received a thunderous applause for her rendition of the Haydn Trumpet Concerto and the Post Horn Gallop of König.


2 September to 10 September 2013

Melissa made a concert tour in Canada. She had concerts in Grimsby, London and Ancaster. She became standing ovations.



7th and 8th December 2013    

2 Solo performances in the “Jaarbeurs Hall” in Utrecht with the Metropole Orchestra during the “Max Proms”. Melissa played the third part of the Trumpet Concerto of J. haydn. She got standing ovations.


15th February 2014

Melissa performed as soloist with great success with Brass-band “De Bazuin Oenkerk” in theatre “De Lawei” in Drachten in the Netherlands.


12th July 2014

Melissa performed with great success with the famous soul singer Joss Stone at the “North See Jazz Festival” in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.


11th October 2014

Melissa performed with great success with the Taipei Chinese Orchestra in Taipei, Taiwan. She played the whole Haydn Trumpet Concerto, the Habanera from the opera Carmen and the Taiwanese folksong “Spring breeze”.



August 22, 2015
Melissa played during the grand opening of the new football stadium in Trnava in Slovakia. She played as the anthem of Trnava , Il Silenzio .



8 September 2015
Melissa was selected for " Young Concert Artist" audition at the conservatory in Leipzig. Melissa was the best seen in the round of brass .



17 November 2015
Partly at the request of André Rieu Melissa played at the funeral of the famous horse breeder Leon Melchior . During the ceremony she played Il Silenzio as one of his last wishes .



February 12, 2016
After the death of her father in December , in February was the first performance at a concert . This was in Heiloo, where as a young girl she had participated in some concerts. This time it was a concert by Melissa and Friendz . It was a moving and wonderful concert .



16/17 December, 2016

On December 16/17 ( 2016 ) Melissa performed the Haydn Trumpet Concerto at the Christmas in Vienna concert with the ORF orchestra in the famous  Konzerthaus of Vienna. 

It was broadcasted at the ORF television in Austria



16 April 2017

On April 16th The famious pianist Wibi Soerjadi and Melissa gave a concert together in the big Bethelchurch in Drachten. The concert was sold-out and the audience found Wibi and Melissa a great musical duo.


1 October 2017

On October 1 Melissa performed at “ the Arc de Triumphe” in Paris Il Silenzio,  at the memorial of WW 1. In presence of ambassadors, ministers and the French president Macron. The performance was very beautiful and all the people were very thankful that
Melissa came to Paris to play ‘ The Il Silenzio!



27 December 2017

On December 27 Melissa performed as a soloist in the Royal Concertgebouw of Amsterdam. She played with the famous master pianist Wibi Soerjadi a special piece for trumpet “ The Kingdom”. It was a big success with standing ovation!


May 30 to June 5 2018

From May 30 to June 5, 2018 Melissa was invited by the Ancients and Honorable Artillery Company of Massachusetts in Boston, to perform at memorial ceremonies and a state banquet on June 4.

In the presence of dignitaries and the ambassador of Massachusetts she played IlSilenzio, and the audience was deeply impressed by her trumpet playing.

The Americans had great appreciation that Melissa had come to Boston for them to perform during their 380th Anniversary Banquet.

April 11 to April 16 2019
From April 11 to April 16 Melissa was in Durango Mexico. She was there during the Ricardo Castro Festival. She played the Haydn trumpet concerto and the "Habanera" from the opera Carmen. She played this solo with a Mexican symphony orchestra. She also played the popular song "La Bamba". While she was in Durango she gave a masterclass to trumpet students and she gave a classical recital with a pianist. The performances in Durango were a great success.

August 5 2019
On August 5th 2019 Melissa was in San Antonio, Texas USA. She was invited to be part of a miliairy funeral ceremony. The deceased was a pilot and a WWII veteran. He had the request to ask Melissa to play Il Silenzio on his funeral.